Sunday, December 06, 2015

Grey Squirrel

The GNO (Girl's Night Out) friends got together tonight and opened our Christmas presents. The theme for this year was an ancient Wonder of the World. Last year I'd picked out of a hat the Colossus of Rhodes so gave a gift of a beach tote bag w/ lip balm, suntan lotion, a small sun pendent and a book  by Margaret Rhodes. Kris got the Mausoleum of Helicarnassus so her gift was something to help on the journey to the afterlife - macadamia nuts, soft socks, good book, wishbone, and a traditional German lantern that is hung over gravesites. Nancy picked the Golden statue of Zeus and gave a pencil holder emblazoned w/ the Greek alphabet, a poster of the genealogy of Greek gods, and a desktop statue of Zeus. Kathy picked out The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. She gave gifts having to do w/ water - a water charm bracelet, some gifts from a beach shop, coaster for the car, and towels. As you can see we are fairly liberal w/ our interpretations of our topics. Next year it's the movie that won The Academy Award for Best Picture in the year you were born.

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Anonymous said...

Cool idea! What movie won Best Picture in the year of your birth?