Thursday, July 13, 2017

Those overwintered geraniums on the deck

Still break out in a sweat occasionally and have to sit down but I'm on the mend.  Brent and Phil are here so we drove to get materials for two projects they want to try this visit - build a clothes line and redo Ragnaroc.  I think they enjoyed the drive as much as getting the stuff.   Brent sat in the back w/ the car manual while Phil in the front passenger seat asked him what certain buttons were for.  I hoped they wouldn't do something that would make the car stop/veer/etc. while I was driving.  From their comments, it did kinda sound like whatever they did would be an improvement on how I was driving. (ha)  Picked up a steel fire ring, two galvanized posts and crossbeams, clothesline string and clips.   We are all tired early tonight.  Temps stayed in the 60's here.  My favorite weather but a bit nippy for the southern boys - I put out extra blankets for both of them.

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