Thursday, July 06, 2017

Poke Milkweed and caterpiller

The weatherman on TV seemed apologetic when he said today's highs would be in the 80's and humid.  When compared to the temps in the western U.S., this small heat wave is pretty minor.  I had errands to do today and once the southeastern portion of the deck was in shadow, Indy and I went out to sit.  There was a nebulous bow in the sky.  Not colorful.  Opposite the sun.  Barely there.  It must be caused by very small particles of water in the air.  Will have to read up on it and see if I can figure it out.  Could also see towering clouds to the south.  The TV weatherman had warned of violent storms about 150 miles away in that direction.  Interesting to be able to see clouds that far away.   Watched a sparrow that would come to one of the feeders and then fly back to the garden fence to feed her squawking fledglings that had left the nest but not quite on their own yet.  Indy took off for the tall grass.  The bunnies are out of the nest and Indy feels it is her duty to keep them off the lawn.  Wind is coming up - might blow the storm this way.  That's OK.  Didn't get that much rain out of this morning's storm and things aways cool off once a storm blows through.  Oh, and Phil's experiment worked.  Have two benches down from the winds this morning but not the one he staked.

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