Thursday, July 06, 2017

Mama and baby bear

 Woke up this morning to storm warnings so closed the windows and am watching the show.  Winds should gust to 60's.  This will be a good test for my brother Phil's idea of how to keep my benches upright through the year.  I plan on moving one out along the trail by Gorgeous Gorge.  Even w/ their slated backs, the winds can be ferocious enough during the summer to topple them over even here near the house.  He brought up tether screws - sometimes used to stake out dogs in a yard.  He screwed them in on either side of one bench and used short bungee cords to wrap around the crossbeam and front leg.  We chose the bench on the most uneven ground and I even affixed small garbage bags to the arms.  (That's my own experiment for how to keep birds from using the benches as their own personal loo.)  Our tests will be a success if one of the other benches goes over in the wind but the tethered one stays up (and if the bench stays clean from bird poop.).  If not, he's got other ideas (and so do I.)

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