Saturday, July 08, 2017

Deadly Nightshade

Woke up this morning to the whoops of a coyote pack that sounded close.  I let Indy out into her run so she could bark to her heart's content and fell back asleep.  Wasn't feeling particularly perky this morning but I did the usual Saturday morning chores and then took a short nap.  Figured what I needed to get me going was a walk so Indy and I went out to check the bird houses.  Got to the sixth one and started wondering if I'd make it back home.  I did but sat down on the deck, broke into a sweat, and vomited multiple times.   Interesting.  When I got inside the house and started having the chills it finally occurred to me I probably had some kind of flu. Took my temp - yep - over 100.  I haven't been sick in so long it just wasn't a possibility that came to mind. Fed the cats, let the dog out, Old Time Radio is on.  I'm going to bed early and hope it's only the 24 hour flu.

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