Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Amassing Bobolinks

Still taking it easy - feel light-headed if I try too much.  While I was sick I was just too tired to shut the door to my bathroom and the kittens discovered the bathtub.  Now that I'm more mobile again it's surprising  to see everything they dragged into it.  I kinda wonder how they got some of the stuff up and over the top?  Indy and I went out to sit on the deck around noon.  I'd heard a bird hit the window earlier but hadn't checked.  When birds get knocked out they just need some quiet time to recoup before they are flying off.  This bird, however, was obviously dead.  I stood next to the body wondering what to do w/ it when Indy solved that problem.  She rather gently picked up the carcass, went over to the tall grass, dug a hole, and buried it!  I'm not considering what might be Indy's ulterior motives for taking that action but am going w/ the idea that she was helping me out because she knew I wasn't feeling well.  Now if only she could teach the cats to be so empathetic.

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