Thursday, May 18, 2017

Unhappy Tree Swallow

More rain & wind on Wednesday.  I kept the library open past 7 pm closing time since no one could go out in the deluge that was coming down.  When I did get home the garage door wouldn't open so I knew we had lost power.  Found the extra key, got in the house, and called the power company.  W/ the damage from the tornadoes in this area yesterday I was leery of the three hour estimate for power reinstatement. I worked on a cross-word puzzle by a dozen candle's light until I was tired.  Took one candle w/ me to bed and Indy immediately jumped up on top, snuggled close for warmth, and we both fell asleep quickly.  No power this morning when I got up either.  Time to get out my hand cranked flashlight and the weather radio.  The weather radio will work on batteries, solar, or hand cranking.  The flashlight barely worked at all.  Not a problem the radio also has a built in flashlight so I used that until it got light out (pretty sure the sun came up - too overcast to tell).  Called the power company again at 7 for an update.  Our power had gone out because of  lightening strike. They estimated noon before the power would be restored.  Tree swallows don't usually perch on the shepard's hooks but in this morning's wind think this guy was resting there.  The wind was raising his feathers but he wasn't budging - even when I got close to get his pic.  Power company was wrong, thankfully, and within the hour of my morning call I had power.

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