Friday, May 19, 2017

Doug flying box kite

 Still relatively cold, overcast, and windy today.  Busied myself trying to get the house back in shape.  Took another box of clothes to the rummage sale downtown.   This afternoon I decided not to let the wind go to waste and flew my kites.  The delta wing has had issues w/ it's string so I carefully untangled it as I let it out to it's full extent and then rewound it tightly.
Wind was still pretty strong so decided to give the new box kite it's maiden fly.  Wasn't sure how to get it going but eventually the wind cooperated by lifting it up.  Seemed to be flying well so gave my neighbor a call since he was interested in seeing it and  invited him and his grandson over to fly kites.  About then I realized the box kite has to be monitored closely.  Gusty winds can cause it to turn out of it's aerodynamic attitude and it will start to fall.  A sharp tug on the string is enough to get it  back up.  After we had all flown it for awhile I reeled the box kite back in.   I wasn't sure how well it would take a hard landing but I was able to get it to come in and gently set down upright.  I am so good.


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! Nice picture composition. Takes us all back to our childhood. Looking good, Doug!


Anonymous said...

Very nice!