Friday, May 05, 2017

American Fly Honeysuckle

Time to get the flower pots ready for Memorial Day. I picked up some flowers yesterday at a nearby nursery. Decided I also wanted some special flowers so today I stopped off at another larger nursery. While I was looking around I found bushes for sale that were labeled "Honeyberry". Surprised me because their flowers looked exactly like the American Fly Honeysuckle blooming in the woods right now. American Fly Honeysuckle is a native that is hard to find. Here is where the scientific name comes in handy. American Fly is Lonicera canadensis while Honeyberry is Lonicera caerulea - same family but different species. Anyway sat out on the deck this afternoon and made up 7 pots of flowers. I only need 4 but the other 3 were overwintered and they take longer to get going. Tonight in celebration of Cinco de Mayo I'm making tacos. Well, I will whenever I can get this dirt out from under my nails.

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