Sunday, January 15, 2017

Library Display

I'd hoped the antique Christmas ornament display would stay in the library display case until the end of January but the person who put them in asked if she could take them out the first week in January.  Understandable enough since she wanted to pack them away w/ the rest of her holiday decorations.  Meant I had to think fast about a new display.  My neighbor's cribbage playing friend - the one who came along to help pull me out of the ditch this week - has an extensive glass collection.  He thought a collection of pitchers would be nice and the librarian and I were happy w/ whatever he was comfortable loaning us for a few months. I always offer to help do a display installation but my aid is rarely requested.  People have their own ideas about the best way to show off their collections. Must admit that I rather enjoy seeing how they configure their articles as much as I enjoy the articles themselves.

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