Saturday, January 14, 2017

In the ditch

 I went into the ditch this week.  I've done that twice before - once nearly 10 years ago in my own driveway and again about 40 years ago when I was on my way to a county seat north of here to do title searching for the company where I worked.  I'd better be more careful since it's happening to me more often.

The roads hadn't yet been plowed. It was snowing and blowing snow.  There isn't anything near the banked curve to show where the edges are and I misjudged and got hung up on the inside of the corner.  Could have called the tow guy but opted instead for my neighbor (the curve is right by his house) since I thought he'd be quicker.  He wasn't at home but in town having a morning game of cribbage w/ a friend.  Not a problem, soon both he and his friend were there.  My car has a ball hitch and he easily pulled me out w/ his truck and I was on my way again.  Haven't figured out how to thank my neighbor and his friend.  At the moment all I've done for them was give them a story to tell.  I know because when I went in to volunteer at the library, everyone there had already heard the tale. (ha)

These pictures aren't from when I went into the ditch but from someone who did it the day before.

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Rachel said...

When you get stuck in the snow twice in one week and you only drove three times that week...that's when you can start to worry about your driving.