Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Blue Chrysocholla

This is blue chrysocolla.  Since I already talked about chyrsocolla yesterday I won't repeat myself.  We've had a week of warm weather here (well, above freezing).  There is a crack down my driveway and I found a few soft spots where the frost has started leaving the ground.  The snow is down to ankle deep and kind of slushy so Indy and I have been taking short walks.  A little girl came into the library tonight in shirtsleeves - no coat.  She turned in some books and had some books waiting for her on the hold shelf.  I told her while I checked out the books she could go over to the hat and mitten tree and pick whatever she wanted.  She hesitated only a moment and then made a bee line for a hat w/ earflaps.  She happily told I and another patron that she had so wanted just such a hat.  She donned the hat, grabbed her books, and left.  Even at her young age she knows this warm weather won't last.  Tomorow's forecast is for cold temps again.

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