Friday, December 23, 2016

Looking out the library window

The forecast of another snowstorm and the knowledge that there would be few things open this weekend was too great a pull.  I jumped in the car to do some errands that could have been put off until next week. My second stop was the post office.  "Hi Susan" came from behind me and I saw Wilma, another library volunteer, coming in to check her PO box.    She said that the scheduled volunteer this morning had called her saying she was sick and would Wilma fill in?  Wilma  caved under this direct approach and said yes.  "What else could I do but say I would?"  Wilma asked me.  (I was pretty sure if I was as busy as I knew Wilma to be I would have found a way to say no.)  I myself am a sucker for the indirect approach Wilma was using on me.  By not asking me to help her out, I wanted to help out.  I suggested that if Wilma could work the first hour so I could finish my (unnecessary) errands, I would take the rest of the morning.  What's a little mental manipulation between friends?

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