Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Antique Christmas ornaments display

Slept in until 5:30 this morning.  Made breakfast, sat on the couch w/ a warm throw and watched "University Place" on TV.  It's a PBS show which features state university lectures on various subjects.  Today's topic was Livestock Handling.  (Almost like being at work.)  This lecturer had done a study on dairy and beef farms to see if there was a correlation between how people rate on the Myers-Briggs compared to how good they are instinctively at handling cattle.  She went through what behavior factors they were looking for in the animals, how "blind" the test was, what kind of tests they did, etc.  Her testing showed people scoring high as Introvert and Thinking on a Myers-Briggs test did better handling animals.  She stressed this only meant that the others might need a bit more training but shouldn't be disqualified from these kind of jobs. The talk was all very interesting but I couldn't agree w/ her conclusions if only for the fact that they ran their tests on less than 20 people.  Too small a sample for this kind of environment.  Still ... interesting that I scored high on both Introvert and Thinking.

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