Saturday, October 29, 2016

Halloween tree reflection

My neighbor Blake and I have an agreement that I can walk in his swamp except in the month of November.  Rain was in the forecast so Indy and I took our last long walk through the swamp this morning.  We'd just gotten back when Blake stopped by to make sure I remembered our agreement and to say that coyotes had recently taken one of his calves.  He planned on thinning coyotes in the swamp.  In the afternoon was Mrs. Hemphill's 90th birthday party.  My nephews who hunt deer on my property were there so I let them know that Blake would be hunting coyotes on his adjoining land.  (I like everyone to know what's going on when there are guns involved.)  Gideon said he'd been meaning to let me know he'd caught pictures of two wolves on the critter cams he set up in my woods.  Coyotes and wolves and bear - oh my!

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