Monday, October 10, 2016

Hairy woodpeckers

After our First Frost of the season was over I put my potted flowers out again on the deck yesterday. I'm putting off digging them up to overwinter as long as possible, I suppose. The forecast was for at least a few days of warmer weather - overnight temps in the mid-40's. However, I noticed that it was going to be a clear night and there was no wind. At one o'clock in the morning Indy asked if she could go out to the garage/her run to bark at coyotes so at the same time I checked the outside temp - barely above freezing. Decided to bring all of those pots inside again. This morning, just before sunrise, I checked the temp again - still holding at just above freezing. Two takeaways - (1) the temps forecast for my area can be off as much as 10 degrees and (2) it's a lot easier to get up in time to see the sunrise than it was this summer.

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