Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Canadian Geese

Had fun w/Aunt June yesterday. Lately she's been barely communicative and somewhat surly when I visit. Don't know if they changed her medication or what it was but that morning she was awake, alert, and ready for adventure. McD's mocha machine was broke so I got her a regular coffee w/ extra cream and she only drank a portion of it. However she ate all of her donut and half of mine. She would respond to the stories I told her and we laughed a lot. She smelled the vases of fresh flowers around the nursing home. We checked out the whole complex. If a hallway was empty, we raced down it. She listened happily as I read her a letter from one of her old friends in North Dakota. Got her to the dining room where, even though I had stuffed her w/ donuts and coffee already, I made her promise to eat her breakfast. Nice to have visits when I know she enjoyed herself.

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