Friday, October 21, 2016

A fall sunrise

This afternoon my niece was coming.  As usual I'd put off cleaning for as long as possible so after breakfast I started to work picking up things.  That's when the power went off.   Seems something happens just before company arrives - last time it was Orion bringing a live mouse into the house.  Fortunately, the house was built w/ the idea of using natural light so I could easily see in every room I went.  (Well, not the utility room but guests rarely go there.)  No worries about heat.   Even though the pump wasn't circulating water through the floors, the house was already warm  and would actually get a passive temperature bump from the bright sunshine streaming in.   I keep a couple of bottles of water on the counter which come in handy for all sorts of things.  The rumba robot was already charged so I let it go sweeping the floors.  Power was only out a little over an hour.  My neighbor saw workmen on the power lines into town.   They are suppose to be stringing new lines but we were guessing someone did an "oops".  

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