Friday, September 30, 2016


Eric came in to check on things while Alejandrina and I milked. He said that at the beginning of next year, the co-op won't take milk from a dairy that cuts tails off cows. The co-op wants to be ahead of the curve in case legislation goes through banning the practice. The end of a cow's tail doesn't counterbalance the animal nor does it have much feeling at all. Farms spray cows for flies so the animal will be as comfy as possible. Therefore I have a problem w/ the idea that it's a crime to cut the tail off of a cow but OK for milkers to be smacked in the face w/ a tail or to have filthy tails flinging manure and urine about. Eric said what milk producers need to do is procure the same lawyers/PR people/ad guys that the NRA has. I gasped. He explained, "The NRA fanatically attacks any law that might infringe on their practices - whether it's the right or wrong thing to do." Too bad. Logic appears to have been replaced by fanaticism in politics.

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