Monday, July 04, 2016

Blue Vervain

Another beautiful morning in the Northwoods. Forecast is to reach 80 degrees today.  My guests are entertaining themselves by fusing together fireworks in the garage.  The rest of the company hasn't yet arrived.  I ordered trays of food for lunch and picked them up this morning so I haven't any prep work to do.  Started up the robot sweeper to catch all of that hair my animals seem to continuously shed.  Dogs fed. Cats been let outside.  Potted flowers watered.  Not much more for me to do at the moment.  Think I'll grab my crossword puzzle, grab a chair on the deck, and fall asleep.  Happy 4th of July - may your day be as pleasant.

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Rick said...

Thanks again for hosting us. I just realized this morning that it was 40 years ago that I first spent a week at your parents' farm. It has always been some of my favorite memories.