Wednesday, June 15, 2016

European Starling

My brother Phil suggested that he take me out for breakfast. (He's eaten my cooking before.) After breakfast at Phil's fav hole-in-the-wall diner we went to Ace Hardware and picked up a electrical connection and then to Wallmart for a cable extender. Phil had arrived at my place the night before and brought up his old TV. Everything  worked except for connecting my DVD but w/ these extra pieces that would work too. We were near the county seat's library so I stopped in to ask for a list of the different people/organizations that put displays in at their library. The worker seemed somewhat uncertain about my request so I asked for a e-mail address for the library. That would give them time to either put one together or decide to ignore me.   (Their display cabinets were currently empty I noticed.) Stopped to pick up my mail at the post office and saw a sign stating the Historical Museum was open today. I'd been wanting to talk to them. Went in and asked about having them put a display in at the library. They said they would bring it up at their next meeting (got another e-mail address so I could remind them of my request). Also found a member that had old Christmas decorations that she would be willing to put in as a Christmas display this year. Another member had farming tools salesmen samples: miniature stanchions, gates, manure cleaners, etc. He'll consider putting in a display next year. Stopped by the library so Phil could give me his appraisal of how to put rope lighting into the display cabinet and the librarian said she had someone who had a bell collection and would consider putting it in this fall. A productive morning! Too bad that when I got home realized I hadn't changed clothes before going out to breakfast and I was still wearing an old t-shirt w/ a stain on the front!

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