Monday, March 07, 2016


Over 40 degrees outside this morning! Enough snow should have melted that a long walk through the swamps was possible. I knew not to wear my down vest but did put on gloves and a hat. Big mistake. By the time I was deep in the swamps, I was overheating. While I've always been tolerant of cold, I can't handle heat. I stuffed hat and gloves in my camera case and considered ripping off my long-sleeved sweatshirt. That would have left me w/ just a hot-pink bra on. While I'm not exactly against stripping in the woods, I was on my neighbor's land at the moment and it seemed somehow disrespectful. Rested in shadows to cool down. Made it back home with modesty in tact.


Anonymous said...

It must be a Mayer thing. I turn the temps down to 60 at night. Makes me comfy....Dan, not so much.


Brent said...

Must be a women thing. Evelyn is the same way, wanting it cold, around 60. I like it warm. We settled on 63 at night, and I get flannel sheets on the bed in winter!