Saturday, February 06, 2016

Indy on the trail ahead

Picked up a book on tape from the library. I put it in my portable player, pulled up a chair to the large table I used for folding clothes in my laundry and started working on a stained glass project. Ordinarily I would work on stained glass in the garage but the laundry room is brightly lit and, more importantly this time of year, warm. Finished my project and the book at around the same time tonight. Just as I associate Sherlock Holmes stories w/ the hill above the tamarack swamp (where I would go to read them when I was a kid) and I remember the last Harry Potter book whenever I cleaned the parlor at the dairy (to make the time go faster I'd try and figure out what plot twist the book would take next), I'll probably always think about "Wicked Charms" whenever I see those stained glass suncatchers I made today.

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