Monday, January 11, 2016

Salamander eyes

Spent the day inside. When Indy and I would go out for short walks yesterday I noticed she would lift a paw if we stopped for too long. Decided she might not have acclimated to the cold quite yet. I worked on a jigsaw puzzle, Ori watched the birds on the deck (she was on the back of a chair bathed in sunshine), Indy slept stretched out on the couch.  Oh yes, and I memorized the name and speciality of the nine muses.  Gotta learn something new every day - that I didn't know before - that I want to remember for a long, long time.


Anonymous said...

The salamander looks like he has been on a "bender".


Anonymous said...

I learned a new road today. That is something I want to remember for a long time. ;-)