Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Black bear eyes

A couple came into the library, dropped off the books they had read, and asked me how much a new library card would cost. Between filling up the car at the gas station and coming to the library, the husband had mislaid his card. They had seven books waiting for them on the hold shelf and they wanted to pick them up tonight. It's a no-no to check out books w/o a person's card but I decided to countermand that rule this time (I looked up their name on the system and brought up their account that way). First, I couldn't remember how much I was suppose to charge for a new card. Second, if the card was missing for only five minutes, it was likely that they would find it somewhere in the myriad of pockets winter coats tend to have. Thirdly, it was very close to closing and I just didn't feel like taking the time to issue another card. It all worked out OK. As they turned to leave w/ their new books, the husband reached for his phone and found the missing card tucked in it.

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