Wednesday, January 17, 2018

1915 - Wedding photo of Emil Mayer and Pearl Schwartz

Emil and Pearl are in front and behind are Ernest Mayer, Emil's younger brother, and his wife Agnes (nee Tufty).

I got up early to drive to College Town for an oil change and tire rotation at the Subaru dealership.  I don't plan on doing this on a regular basis but thought I would do it for this first oil change and because I rather enjoy all of their fawning over car owners.  While I was there I got a call from the afternoon library volunteer.  She wouldn't make it today and could I go in early and take her shift and my later one.  Had nothing I couldn't put off so agreed.  Went o the library at 1 p.m.  It was a busy day.  The middle school students are all coming to the library tomorrow and the librarian asked me to check the list of students against the library catalog to see which ones already had library cards.  I hadn't finished w/ that when 30 some kids came in for Lego Club.  I'm not a 'kid' person (I'm barely a 'people' person) but my only interaction in Lego Club is to disperse treats after they have are done w/ their Lego creations and before they go to listen to a story.  The village clerk did walk through the library during Lego club stopping briefly at the desk to admonish me to check bathrooms after the kids were gone but even that duty was take care of by the Lego club leaders.  Indy and I took a walk once I got home - freezing cold, in the dark, and relaxing.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Kurtz girls

 Taken in the early '20's, the oval picture is Lillian, Irene, and June.  The little girl by the door is Irene when they still lived in Iowa.

Under the former president, a healthy lifestyle was emphasized.  The president had a regular workout regime.  A White House garden was put in for fresh vegetables.  Even public schools were pushed to have low-fat and well balanced meals for children.  Our current president's only exercise is golf on the weekends and he has a penchant for fast food that rivals Pres. Bill Clinton's.  Yet his doc announced today that the president is in excellent health. That news will relieve the guilt people feel because they already failed in their New Year's resolution to exercise more and eat better.  Can bringing back tater tot surprise to school lunch programs be far behind?

Monday, January 15, 2018

The Mayer boys in summer and winter

Pictures were probably taken in the late 1920's.  The boys from left to right are Herbert, Neil, and Walter.  The top picture was probably taken in the apple orchard on the Emil and Pearl Mayer farm.  Not sure where the bottom picture was taken but assume it was also on the farm.  (Love the birdhouses mounted at the top of sticks.)

I finally locked the kittens in my bathroom this morning so I could finish the project I was working on.  A new gadget is being worked on that will translate your pet's bark/meow into English.  I've been thinking this is a bad idea.   All of those cutesy phrases we owners think our pets are communicating might turn out to be troll-like nasty comments.  What would you think if your little Papillon puppy turned out to be as foul-mouthed as an elected official?  Plus I don't want to know what Dunder was really thinking as he sauntered past me when I finally let the kittens out of the bathroom.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Snow and Cold

 Snowstorm then cold then snow again.  Pretty typical weather for January here.  Maybe six inches of snow at best so roads were quickly cleared.  I picked up Nancy this morning and we went out to breakfast.  The restaurant was having issues w/ it's heating system so it was a bit chilly in there as we were seated but by the time our food came things were warming up quite nicely.  Too nicely I guess.  Nancy and I ate, chatted, had another cup of coffee, and when she checked her watch she realized we had actually missed church.  It's a common deep winter problem - once you get comfy cozy a kind of inertia sets in and you don't want to move again 'til spring.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

What's the topic?

 Judging for the December photo contest is completed.  These are the pictures I submitted. Can you guess what the topic was?   I'll put the answer in the comments for this picture next week.

If you want a hint: we could each only submit five pictures.

I woke up around four a.m. w/ a kitten asleep on my chest and one tucked in near my knees.  Must be the house had cooled off enough that they wanted to leach heat.  Usually I turn off the electric blanket once I go to bed but last night I'd left it on low.  That also explains why Indy wasn't spread out by my feet -  that would make it too warm for her.

Spent most of the day inside since the temps were below zero outside and there was a breeze.  This isn't a bad thing.  It's an opportunity to do paperwork, housework, catch up on reading, and/or try out a new recipe. 

Friday, January 12, 2018

1920 - Walter Schwartz

 I think this is Walter Schwartz, my grandmother's brother.  The propeller insignia on his collar is used by U.S. maritime to designate engineers or machinists.  On the back of the other picture in beautiful script was written "The Chief Engineer of the yacht 'New Jersey'.  A handsome man he is. July 1920, Atlantic City."

Took Indy to see the vet.   She has a lump on her side near her front leg.  She's had it for awhile but it seemed to be larger than when I first noticed it.  I bought her new 'clothes' to see the vet - a leash and collar.  I'd been meaning to get a set that I could leave in the car since Indy sometimes goes on my errands w/ me and her usual leash and collar are worn from all of the times I washed them to remove whatever stinky stuff she chose to roll in.  I also brought along her muzzle.  She growls at the vet and his assistants so the muzzle is a precaution that makes everyone feel more at ease.  The vet said w/o removing the lump he couldn't be certain but was pretty sure it was a benign fatty growth.  The lump isn't painful, Indy walks and runs w/o any impediment (a fact the rabbits under the deck can vouch to), and I have no interest in putting Indy through surgery so the whole visit was more for my peace of mind.  I treated Indy to a car wash and a short walk once we got home.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

1917 - August and Edla Swanson Family

In back is Ted, Daisy, Carl, Martin, Elmer, Emma, Paul,
In front is Minnie, Edna, August, Bessie, Edla (nee Benson), Lillian, Anna.
Edla wanted a family picture because Elmer was about to leave to fight in WWI.  (Elmer survived the war.)  I have a postcard from Bessie to Daisy postmarked January 12, 1912: "Dear Sis - 21 below here this morning at 12 o'clock.  Has been lower.  Have been sick for over a week with gruppe but am better now.  George putting up ice for Ericksons now.  From sister Bessie."  I can identify w/ the cold temps but I don't know what the 'gruppe' is.  (Thanks, Dan, for my great grandfather's first name.)

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

1928 - Marguerite Mayer

Daughter of Christ Mayer and Clara Keiling.  Born March 18, 1908.  She graduated from the nursing school in Marshfield, as did her sisters Frieda and Laura.

Warm enough today to have a lingering mist in the air.   I planned a short walk today but Indy and I found tractor/truck/4-wheeler tracks and followed those through the woods and swamp.  Not much to take pictures of but easy walking.  Sometimes a little too easy.  I'd slip at times on the packed snow w/ it's thin layer of water but Indy trotted along easily w/ her clawed paws.  The weather forecast is for a snowstorm tomorrow and then cold weather again.  The question of the week in the local paper is "Would you rather have it really cold or lots of snow?" Guess we'll find out.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

1915 - Chester Kurtz and Daisy Swanson wedding photo

I sat in the dentist waiting room this morning.  They have a big screen TV there but this time it was only running a series of clips about oral-hygiene.  To me, the dentistry profession takes itself  way too seriously.  I'd heard about the possibility of cardiovascular problems if infections in your mouth fed into the blood stream and that kinda made sense.  These shorts warned that problems w/ your teeth can cause seven times the possibility of pre-term births, cancer of the throat, kidney problems, pancreatic problems, Alzheimer's, and premature death.  There was even a notice that germs that cause cavities are spread by kissing and sharing food.  No wonder I had so many cavities in my 20's.  (In the doctor's office the big screen TV just runs the weather channel.)  The hygienist who cleaned my teeth seemed pretty normal.   Her license on the wall had 2015 on it so she's probably too new to have picked up the 'Twilight Zone vibe' most hygienists emit.   The dentist came in and proclaimed everything looked good.  While the dentist did check for cancer in my mouth ("Move your tongue to the left. ... No, your other left.") neither he, the hygienist, nor the receptionist said boo about the big black and blue mark w/ two red marks in the middle of my forehead.  Must be the brow is far enough away from the mouth to be outside their purview.

Monday, January 08, 2018

circa 1920 Oscar Samuel Kurtz

Father of Alma, Walter, Chester, and Edgar Kurtz. 

Took off early this morning and when I got back home in the afternoon all of the pushpins on my tackboard up to a height of 4 feet had been racked off, gouging the board in some places, papers they had been holding scattered.  I knew who had done it.  Dunder sits on the floor directly underneath, jumps straight up, again and again until he can grasp a pin w/ his paws and pull it out.  He doesn't seem to care much about them but Blitzen thinks they make excellent play things and she has them scattered throughout the living and dining room now.  I do an 'old lady shuffle'  in the house which keeps me from stepping on a pushpin.  When I kick a pin it is sent skittering across the floor so I can find them and replace them on the tackboard (higher up).

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Eyes on the Prize

Last week when we got down to -20 degrees I threw my heaviest coat and sleeping bag in the back of the car just in case it got really cold.  Today the pastor referred to our current heat wave of 20 degrees above.  His sermon was both good and timely.  However during the wrap up when the congregation usually sings a couple of songs before leaving the video went out.  That meant no words projected up on the back wall of the church.  The praise team in front went ahead singing but I looked around and there was absolutely no one in the pews singing.  Not too surprising - who knows the words to these new '7-11 songs?  If only they had switched extemporaneously to singing some of the old hymns - most people would know at least the first stanza of those, both words and melody.  Big added plus to Nancy and I is we would still be singing them as we walked out the church doors.

Saturday, January 06, 2018

High flying at sunrise

I got it after the second time Indy went to the back door to be let out but then wouldn't go.  She didn't want to just go outside - she wanted to go outside w/ me.   Temp was just above zero but w/ a breeze.  I donned my gear and off we went.  The hunters must not have been very successful this deer hunt since there are lots of tracks in the snow.  My neighbor left a stand of corn, I have a salt lick out, and in between I found where the deer had bedded down and dug the snow aside to get at the grasses underneath.  Once we got in a protected area away from the wind it actually was quite pleasant to be out and about.  I'd even refer to my dog as "being like, really smart". (ha)

Friday, January 05, 2018

Chest of Drawers - then and now

 I think I blogged about this before but thought I'd put it out again.   The draw of the picture I found of furniture was the message written on the back: "This chest was made by your Grandfather Henke about 75 years ago.  He made it for Aunt Marie.  We have it in our hall.  She said she gave it to us that it should never leave the family.  It is walnut and ebony with a marble top."  I didn't know who Grandfather Henke was, who Aunt Marie was, nor if the chest was 'still in the family'.  That started me on a little detective hunt for it.  Wayne Schwartz (who I'm related to through my grandmother) put me in touch w/ John Schwartz who I think is my father's first cousin.  The chest of drawers is still indeed in the family and he was kind enough to send me a more recent photo.   My brother-in-law Dan dug around and figured out who Grandfather Henke and Aunt Marie probably were.  Not sure I'm into genealogy (most relations I simply refer to as 'cousin') but I can understand the fun in it.

Thursday, January 04, 2018

1907 - My grandfather Chester and his brother Walter

While Indy and I always take our daily pre-dawn and post-sunset constitutionals, we sometimes don't take a long walk during the winter.  Today the temp was almost up to zero, the winds were calm, not more than a foot of snow, and the sun was shining - as good as it's going to get.  We took off for a walk.  On the other side of Gorgeous Gorge I heard a chainsaw.  Russell must be getting firewood.  Yep, he had two dead trees  pretty much cut up by the time Indy and I got there.   His dog Chinook usually accompanies him but he said it was too cold for Chinook to be out.  I looked over at Indy.  She's got as much fur as a bear right now - keep the snow out of her paws and she's OK.  I loaded enough firewood to feel I'd been helpful and then backtracked along the tractor trail to where it crossed a path back home.  Not a long walk but exhilarating.