Monday, July 17, 2017

Bird tracks

Pretty nice day.  Brent and Phil finished the clothesline so I washed sheets and hung them out to dry.  A bit of wind and sun and they were dry within the hour.  Aunt Bev stopped by for a visit and brought her tablet. I cleaned out her e-mail accounts.  Tried to do something about Facebook but I'm not a user so don't know all of the bells & whistles.  However I will say this ... just because you find a video of a donkey/duckling/kitten/dog/pot-bellied pig/etc. funny DOES NOT mean you should post it to all of your "friends".   What a bunch of nonsense to wade through just to get to a few pics from family that you do want to see.  Every time I'm tempted to become a Facebook user I happen to see some one's account and wonder why I would want the aggravation of seeing strangers making a dummer esel (as my Grandfather would say) of themselves.  I can always find that in the real world - and w/ people I know!

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