Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Bluebead lily and Bunchberry flower

A beautiful day - temps in the 70's, some wind, lots of sun.  The baby birds are beginning to fly.  I haven't checked the nest boxes but am basing this on the amount of chirping, somewhat erratic flight patterns, and attempts to land on grass stems way to small to handle a bird's weight.  I'm waiting for nightfall and hoping the lightening bugs come out.  It's been too cool for insect activity this last week but as the nights become warmer, I'm hoping for an explosion of insect activity and it could be quite the show.
Dunder had his first hairball.  He upchucked it on the floor and then sat back on his haunches a bit puzzled.  He put out a tentative paw toward it and then pulled it back thinking better of that plan.  He got up and walked around it and finally decided if it came out of him it should be covered up.  He made the usual paw movements as if there were sand to push on top of it.  Figuring he had done everything possible, he ran off in search of Blitzen.  Suppose this is similar to the first time a baby spits up - an occurrence equally disgusting and endearing.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Hairball? I vote disgusting! Can't find anything endearing. Guess it is one of things, where you had to have been there, to see it.