Friday, May 12, 2017

Who is sniffing whom?

I spent the afternoon "visiting" as mom used to put it.  I called my aunt & uncle to find out when they would be returning to the north from Arizona.  Turned out they had been back here for a month already.  So I loaded up their house plants that I had overwintered and delivered them to their house.  On the way home, I called up my neighbor Anita and asked if she was open to having a cup of coffee w/ me - of course it would be her coffee, her cup, at her place.  She was free.  We had our coffee al fresco  on her patio w/ birds singing and the scent of plum blossoms on the air.  Everyone is busy this time of year.  One no sooner sits down than you think of something else that needs to be done.  Still, I consider this afternoon one of the most productive.

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