Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Star flowers

I went grocery shopping early last Wednesday.  I couldn't find my preferred brand of bacon (Oscar Mayer) so went w/ my backup go-to brand.  Was surprised when I couldn't find the brand of butter I use (Land-O-Lakes of course) or even my backup brand.  Were Wednesday's the day before they restocked?  It worked out that again I went grocery shopping early this morning.  Not only were my brands not stocked but there were some empty shelves.  I asked the check-out person if the store was closing.  "Oh no." she replies, "We have a money issue right now but when that's resolved we'll have a big reopening sale."  I put my groceries away at home and then went to Coffee and Conversation at the library.  I mentioned what I had learned about the grocery store and the people there seemed to already know there were issues and thought that they were far deeper than what the check-out person had indicated to me.   The grocery is part of a chain of stores in the Northwoods and it appears the issue is w/ the company and not the local franchise  Too bad if they go under - will leave only one grocery store.

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Anonymous said...

Walmart has driven out most of our local groceries, in this area. Years ago, a Walmart manager told me that was the goal. Sad.