Saturday, May 20, 2017


Dodged rain drops as I finished mowing the lawn.  I had enough time to cut some lilac flowers before the rain really started.    Put in hooks to hang up the box kite on the wall w/ the other kites.  Made bread.  Washed a few loads of clothes/bedding/etc.  Baked multiple batches of sand in the oven.  Laid out a plastic covering in the end table insert, taped the edges, poured the baked sand (now dry and bacteria free) in and placed my rock collection back in place.  Used up the last of the cherry jam my sister gave me.  She kinda "regifted" it to me so I don't think she minds that I fed it to the orioles.  They love it as you can see..  I placed the vase of lilacs in my closet where I'd stored a saguaro wood chest (Grandma and Mom were right - cactus does have a funky smell). Can always find something to do around the house on a rainy day.


Anonymous said...

Love this picture! "They" say you have to use grape jelly but now we know Orioles like cherry, too!


Anonymous said...

So Sue is this a one legged oriole. I know it is not but when you look at it even blown up looks like it has one leg.