Thursday, April 13, 2017

Red Maple flowers

I looked out over the swamp and could see a reddish tinge in areas.  Figured it was the soft maples in bloom so went out to check on the closest one to me.  Yes, the buds I'd put on the blog earlier were now open.  I'm a little curious how they get pollinated.  Not many flying insects yet.  There is a lot of wind  (I've been flying the kites every day it doesn't look like lightening might strike them).  Checked on-line and there didn't seem to be a defining answer.  Seems these trees can be pollinated by wind/insect/ or self-pollinated depending on conditions.  To make sure they have the best possible chance of pollination, soft maples produce a copious amount of pollen.  Good idea from the tree's point of view.  Not so good for those people with allergies.

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