Friday, April 07, 2017

Library Display

Put in a display of stamps at the library.  It's my Plan B display when the person whom I'd asked decided he didn't want his collection out for everyone to look at.  I collected panes of U.S. stamps for awhile.  I knew that, while I enjoy my stamps, I am no philately expert.  How to organize what I had for display?  Decided to go w/ one simple idea - one way to collect is to look for that subset of things you enjoy.  So the top shelf are stamps of flowers  (it is spring after all), the second shelf is history, the third shelf (about kid's eye level) are animals, then a shelf showing all sorts of other subjects and a bottom shelf showing you can also collect cancellation marks.  I didn't know how to display stamps upright but be putting cardboard behind the panes, using dish stands, and a long glass bevel to keep them in place they should remain upright even through the small earthquakes caused everytime the train passes.

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Anonymous said...

A really great display! Plan B was a good one.
I collected mint stamp sets back in the 70's. Still have 10 years of them but lost interest after awhile. Maybe because stamps started getting more expensive in the 80's.