Sunday, April 02, 2017


I picked up another kite.  To the left is my original delta wing and to the right is a tailed triangle.  They look basically alike to me but don't fly alike.  The larger tailed triangle only needs a little wind and it's up and away.  Once I'm at the end of the string I just wedge the handle into my benches or around a fence and it will happily fly by itself for hours.  When I reel it in it will continue to fly until it's just above my head when I can reach up and catch hold.  In contrast the delta wing takes more skill to get it up and then rapidly needs string played out or it will curve into the ground.  Might be that it takes more skill to get up or that it has a heck of a lot more string but the delta wing is more fun to fly.   Where's the intrigue in something that comes too easily?

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