Sunday, March 12, 2017

Full moon and hazy clouds

Have been trying to do "winter" type activities and one is cleaning off shelves and drawers.  Cleaning them out is actually the easy part - it's figuring out what to do w/ the leftover contents that is causing me issues.  I've got a few cardboard boxes set out where I sort things that can go to a local charity and those that I'll donate to the library for their annual fund-raising sale.  Then there are those that I just can't quite bring myself to toss.  I'm not sure how to handle that box.  Look at it every day until I am so sick of it that I throw it away?  Seal it up and put it back on a shelf?  Bury it like a time capsule in the woods?  Hmmm ... that could be interesting.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe one of those "pretty boxes" that are all decorated would look nice on a shelf. You got me a "nesting" set years ago. I use them all of the time.