Tuesday, December 06, 2016

The swamp between me and the village

Going into work was bad this morning - driving in the dark into wind-blown snow.  The whole car would shake when I was right on the edge of a snowplow track.  However it was my only indicator of where the road should be so I tried to follow it w/o actually touching it.  Not sure which lane (if any) I was usually in but there was no one else on the roads anyway.  When I came into town the speed limit was 45 m/p/h.  Laughed to myself that I'd have to step on it if I wanted to go that fast.  The turn off the state highway onto county roads isn't well marked and I'd missed it before on very foggy mornings - was a bit concerned how I'd find it in this mess. Fortunately, the Grant town hall is right by the turn and because of some local robberies, they now always leave on their outside light.   I'd already realized that under the snow was ice so I slowly crept around that corner.  The next turn was off the county road onto a town road and there was nothing nearby to let me know where it was.   Again, fortune was w/ me because the town had recently installed the new highly reflective road signs so by going slow I was able to find that one too.  Then I relaxed.  I was on the road that led to the dairy and figured close enough to rate the benefit of a tractor pull out of the ditch (just like the night crew yesterday) if need be.

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Anonymous said...

Ugh! That sounds scary and a might dangerous. Hoping you are done with fill-in work soon!