Sunday, December 18, 2016

Snow and Cold

I'm wrapping gifts tonight.  It's easy to do since I give books to the younger nieces and nephews.  Gives me time to worry if the book I'm giving is at the right reading level for that child.  Reminds me of grade school when the teacher divided us during reading class into three groups - Bluebirds, Robins, and Owls. It was obvious that the bluebird group got to read more advanced books.  We robins easier books and the owls even things more elementary.  I still remember wanting desperately to be in the bluebird group but no matter how much or how well I read, I didn't get moved. Actually, I don't remember anyone ever moved around.  Bluebirds were always village kids and robins were always country kids.  Owls were those children having reading difficulties.  Hmm ... Seems I still have some issues to work out before my 50th class reunion.


Brent said...

You have read quite a variety of books and volunteer at the library, so you deserve to be an honorary bluebird group member

Anonymous said...

Based on your definition, I would have been a "bluebird" and you certainly have me beat in the reading department. Nancy