Wednesday, November 02, 2016


A significant portion of the funding for the library comes from the village and two of the largest towns in the area - the one I live in and our next neighbor.  The librarian told me when I came to volunteer tonight that our town is thinking of getting out of that agreement.  When I was clerk, the town paid it's part of the budget and then was reimbursed by the state for 3/4 of that amount.  The chairman of the town at that time wanted to stop giving anything to the library.  That's when I went to volunteer at the library - to see how it was being used by the community.  The library has programs for all ages - from 'Storytime' to 'Coffee and Conversation'.  The library serves as a warm and comfortable place for people to wait, meet, lounge, look.  The library building hosts different events during the year like the village's Christmas celebration.  Plus the library does it's usual tasks of lending books, music CD's, DVD's and giving anyone computer access.  I'll attend the town's budget meeting next week.  I'd hate to lose this piece of the community.

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