Thursday, October 13, 2016

Autumn color

The Coffee and Conversation Wednesday group at the library may be mostly made up of long-retired folks but they keep up on current affairs and they've got a sharp sense of humor. One lady brought in a small container of colorful little candy. She started passing it around asking if anyone wanted to play Russian Roulette w/ skittles (Donald Trump Jr. on Syrian immigrants). Someone else suggested we should also pass out tic tac's - "just in case" (Donald Trump bus video). After laughing about that we talked about other things. Two of the women started discussing which professional baseball team had the best looking players finally settling in on the Giants. When they started comparing which individual player they thought was the most handsome, one of the guys yelled that was enough "locker room talk" (Donald Trump 2nd debate). You might have guessed - they are a liberal bunch.

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