Monday, August 08, 2016

Find the hummer

Travis stopped when he saw me. "I just took June to have her hair done." "I know where that is." I replied. "I'll bring her back in time for brunch." Aunt June was in the little salon in the new section of the nursing home. As soon as the volunteer finished setting June's hair she wrapped a scarf around it and we were off. We had our coffee and donuts in the nearby atrium. I told Aunt June about the Olympics -  paying extra attention to the opening ceremony flag bearer from Tonga. "If he had only been naked," I said, "he would have looked just like the first Greek Olympians." That elicited an "Oh my!" from Aunt June. We checked out other parts of the nursing home and I delivered her, as promised, to her dining room in time for scrambled eggs and sausages. Her brunch looked good but I had groceries to pick up. Monday's are senior day at the grocery store and anyone over 62 gets a 5% discount. As I checked out the lady said, "I won't ask you your age since you look too young to qualify as a senior." I gleefully let her know I had just turned 64! OK, I know she was just trying to make me feel good. (It worked!) Stopped off at the library to take pictures of the Historical Society's new display. It's mostly ephemera except for a Roy Rogers lunchbox, 3-D mockups of one room school houses that were in the area, and a manikin dressed in a band uniform from when I was in highschool. Seeing something that I wore when it was new in a historical display kinda negated the checkout lady's earlier comment. Oh well, at least the uniform looks in good condition.

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