Friday, July 08, 2016

Virginia Ctenucha moth

Things are beginning to ripen. Russell and Donna came over last night and brought beautiful blueberries from their bushes. Brent, Evelyn, and Rachel bopped over to Aunt Ruth & Uncle Rodney's to pick rhubarb. After that Brent and Rachel went out raspberry picking. My cherry tree is full of red fruit however, though it looks good, it's not quite ripe (my lips are still puckered). The plum and apple trees have some fruit but last year was a big year for them so this year will probably be off. I noticed the wild apple and plum trees have fruit so can supplement from them. Rachel was musing how a person could be a survivalist and just eat off the land. I got out my book on edible wild plants to see if there was anything else we should be looking for. As w/ most books of this type, there is a heavy emphasis on making sure you are certain of what you are picking and eating. I'll take it slow on adding new wild plants to my cooking repertoire. Nothing guests hate more than being poisoned.

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