Thursday, July 07, 2016

Poke Milkweed

There are some plants that I only find in one area on the property.  Always makes me nervous.  What if that area gets dug up/inundated w/ water or bugs/trees grow up and create shade?  Do I lose a small portion of the area's diversity?   Poke milkweed is one of those plants.  From what I've read they aren't a commonly found species.  However, monarch butterflies love them (well, monarchs love most milkweeds).  So I found a site of suggestions of how to propagate them from seed and will pick a pod later in the year.    Will make for a fun experiment and might get some growing in the meadow.  If that works, I'll try more one-of-a-place flowers.   Maybe someday I'll just have to walk through the meadow to get pics.  (Of course, where is the fun in that?)

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