Friday, July 29, 2016


Brent took off this morning for home.  He asked for an early wake-up call so I set my alarm for 6 a.m.   No need.  Well before that the cat was caterwauling for attention and the dog was tearing through the house barking at deer.   The Northwoods was giving Brent a nice send-off: temps in the low 60's, low humidity, sunshine, birds singing, and air scented by lilies in bloom.  I looked around the house.  The blanket chest has it's final stain applied.  The entertainment center was cut down to a more usable size, the cat indicator showed the cat is inside, the laundry room cabinets are sorted, and the garage cleaned.  Brent certainly kept busy while he was visiting.  He kept telling me that I was feeding him so he needed to "earn his keep".  (Makes me wish I was a better cook.)


Anonymous said...

Brent is a sweetheart!!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like he certainly earned his keep! Good on ya, Uncle Brent!