Sunday, June 19, 2016

Swamp Saxifrage

A friend just finished watching the TV series Downton Abbey. She is still basking in it's afterglow and would like to pick up a new series.  I thought over the British TV series that I had enjoyed. I, Claudius or Merlin came to mind - people in those wore period costume (of course I think I, Claudius was 1st century and Merlin was 6th).  All Creatures Great and Small or The Good Life - both emphasized the joys of living a simpler life. Red Dwarf was one of my fav Sci-Fi.   Black Adder was just bitingly funny. Sherlock and Endeavour have actors that are easy on the eyes. However, one person's tastes don't necessarily translate to someone else's. Otherwise, why aren't there reruns of Are You Being Served? still on late night TV?

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