Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Pink Lady Slipper orchids

 Some time (actually, most of the time) walks take on a life of their own. I wanted a quick walk yesterday after the fog had lifted and before the next rainstorm. However, once I got to the other side of the gorge, I thought I'd check on the wild asparagus. Yes, it was coming up along the fence line. I looked down at the gravel pit. No activity. Maybe they didn't/couldn't make gravel when everything was wet? So I decided to take a look and see how the lady slipper orchids were doing. I'd checked on them a week before and they had buds but I thought it would be a couple of weeks yet before they bloomed. Sloshed into the sphagnum moss swamp from the back way. Pretty surprised to see these orchids were all flowering. (By the way, they are much easier to find when in bloom!) While I was taking pictures, I could hear activity starting up in the gravel pit.  Couldn't take the easy way back through the gravel pit and didn't want to face traversing this little swamp again so Indy and I trekked back along the logging road home. A much longer walk than planned but a good time. (Picked up a ton of ticks though).

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rachel said...

Its the curse of the ladyslippers. They never make it easy to find them but in your case they don't make it easy to find your way home.