Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Red maple male flowers

I may write about taking walks w/ Indy but that's not how she sees it. When I let her outside she'll nose around a bit but then come back to the door looking inside to see when I'm coming out so we can leave together. I used to think how cute that she preferred walking w/ me instead of alone. To me walks were just getting some exercise and finding interesting things in the woods. To Indy, though, this is part of being a pack. She believes that either of us by ourselves are vulnerable.  However as a pack of two we strut our stuff, we see and are seen by the local fauna, mark our territory (Indy takes care of that part), hunt, and are the masters of all we survey. I've been trying to think the way she does when we go out now. I can certainly understand why she enjoys our jaunts so. Gotta admit taking on her attitude does add an excitment dimension for me too.

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