Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Leafy jelly fungus

I prepared for a whole day working the polls at the town hall. I had crossword puzzles, a magazine, a book, a movie on my laptop, a cup of coffee, two bottles of pop, carrots, and enough sandwiches for breakfast/dinner/supper. However the turnout was high and only short lulls here and there through the day. When the polls closed tonight I was so busy helping w/ the tally of the count I didn't really pay attention to who came out ahead. Only incident was one crazy guy. I stood up at one point so I could take action (what action I hadn't figured out) if he became physical. If I work another election, think I'll tuck pepper spray into my stash of puzzles, movies, and food.

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rachel said...

what percentage of elgible voters turned out? We had ~65% in our township.