Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Desert Lizard eye

A picture from my brother Phil.

My state rep Sean sent me a survey.  He wanted feedback on what his constituents felt were the issues important to them.  On the positive side, the survey asked for simple YES/NO answers.  On the negative side, this sort of survey often has questions pointedly written to get a certain response.  For example: Question 6: Do you support reforms to make our tax code simpler and fairer? YES/NO.  Who would answer 'NO'?   The question that really got to me was the first one though.  Question 1: Do you believe our country is on the right or the wrong track? YES/NO    What does a 'YES' answer mean or what does 'NO' mean?

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Rick said...

Unless there is a third track, I think the answer has to be yes.
I guess "It Depends" could always been seen as another option.