Monday, January 18, 2016

Tall Pine

Over 20 below zero Sunday morning. Drove over to my friends Don and Nancy's home for breakfast w/ them (Nancy makes truly excellent coffee). Started working on a new jigsaw puzzle and had to rip out large sections twice because the pieces looked like they fit (but they didn't). Finished one of the books I've been reading. Cut out and ground some glass for a couple of sun catchers. Watched Downton Abbey (yeah, I know it's just a soap opera w/ better clothes but I'm hooked) and then fell asleep listening to Old Time Radio's The Whistler. Around 20 below zero this morning - looking forward to another good day.


Anonymous said...

We are "hooked" on Downton Abbey, as well. Will be sorry to see it end this year.


Anonymous said...

Michael and I love that show! You're not alone.